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Businesses use digital marketing to promote their product and services, but is the online strategy right?

Minas Digital is one of the top digital marketing agency in Chennai and Pondicherry.

We provide you with a complete range of digital marketing services that help in taking your business to the next level.

From idea generation to planning, to designing, to execution, we provide you with a complete range of Digital Marketing Solutions. To help businesses achieve their business goals, we provide solution-based and performance-based marketing solutions.


According to a digital marketing report published in 2017, almost 49% of businesses actually do not have a clearly defined strategy for digital marketing.

In an age, largely driven by technology, where purchase decisions are made by customers while on the go, mostly through smartphones, not having a clearly defined digital marketing strategy for your company, would be like walking in to a formally packed conference room filled with foreign delegates, wearing sweatpants and undone hair.

To put it in perspective, every company absolutely needs a carefully thought out digital marketing strategy. As the world is increasingly moving towards digitization, it becomes all the more important to re-establish your online presence and re-enforce it with great content, not to mention complimentary marketing initiatives.  And this is merely for survival.

A winning marketing strategy will give you the competitive advantage over your industrial counterparts and gradually lead you to head the competition with time.

So what is your winning marketing strategy?

Well, for starters, it would be one that is specifically tailored to your unique business model. How can you find one?

That’s where we come in.

Minas Digital provides a whole comprehensive range of digital marketing services that can not only take your business to the next level, but can also earn you the competitive edge.


Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization is not a one-time thing. It is a continuous effort that businesses need to incur to get at the top. Search is basically how our audience will look for our business, and how do we get listed in the top results. At Minas Digital, we do a thorough research of search keywords, trends, and content that can help businesses achieve their results. We follow basic patterns such as: constantly reviewing and updating web pages with efficient content, keywords. We have worked on numerous SEO projects in Chennai and Pondicherry and helped businesses achieve their search goals. We are one of the leading SEO and Digital Agency in Chennai, where we have worked with many clients and performed auditing of websites, keywords research, keyword optimization, link building, using white-hat SEO practices, as these help businesses generate better results and help their pages rank on the top search results organically.

According to us, Search is the primary thing small and medium-size businesses need to focus on. Minas Digital has a team of SEO Experts and Analysts who constantly update and modify our clients profile with the latest and updated search keywords and search trends. Be it Google or Bing, the way to be found on the internet is only via Search.


Search Engine Marketing

Performance Marketing is the route to measuring the effectiveness of marketing campaigns, and knowing the alertness of optimizing it or no! At Minas Digital, we look at offering our clients with a strategy that are focused on achieving business goals. We concentrate on providing you with result-oriented strategies that focus optimizing your business results via thorough campaign management on Social Media, Search and other online marketing efforts.

Social Media Management

Social Media Management

It is not anymore about likes, comments, and shares! Social Media is all about on talking to customers on a daily basis through great content. With a team of Social Media Strategists, Content Writers, and Data Analysts, we look at managing content, monitoring results, and engaging with our client’s fan followers on a daily basis. We look at reaching a huge target audience by planning an effective and results-driven social media strategy for our clients based on their business objective.

At Minas, we work for the healthcare industry, fashion industry, hospitality industry, and B2B industry, and generate traffic, awareness, and audience engagement through social media channels. Minas Digital is one of the best content management and social media agency that helps the brand build their presence in the social world. Apart from efficient and optimized campaign management, we look at building effective strategies that focus on engaging the audience.

Be it content with Blogs, GIFs, Videos, or just images, we look at creating a high engagement ratio on social media. At the same time, our team focuses on Reputation Management too by responding to comments, and other inquiries from customers.

Campaign Management

Campaign management

We are known for generating out-of-the-box ideas that hold a huge brand impact and help in achieving the client’s objective. The process we follow at Minas Digital is very accurate, we try to understand the client’s issue, and based on that we work towards creating a 360 angle plan that will help one achieve its end results. We believe in building campaigns that are completely result-oriented. From idea generation to content-and-design, to campaign building, to monitoring, to end result, we assign one account manager to closely watch and modify the campaign effectively to achieve the optimized result.

Website Creation Maintenance

Website Creation and Maintenance

A website is essential for business identity. We help small and medium-sized businesses with complete website designing and development services. From choosing a right domain name to content to a great user experience, and responsive design, we help businesses communicate to a larger audience seamlessly. With expert designers and developers, get a smooth and responsive website design for your brand. A website is the one stop to all your online marketing promotions. Minas Digital holds expertise in website designing and development. We understand your industry and offer you with aesthetics website layouts that offer a great user experience and is also mobile optimized.

Technology Driven


Digital Marketing is 85% based on Technology. With AI and Augmented Reality doing wonders, we are looking at offering great technology support to our clients. We have a strong team of technology experts who help our clients drive great campaigns through proper tool-integrations, chatbots, responsive designs, CRM management, and what not. This is return helps these clients run effective campaigns that are mainly focused on that help us in driving higher results, and higher returns effectively.

Website Creation Maintenance

Video content creation

As per several marketing statistics, a video actually attracts about 157% more of organic traffic from SERPs. You don’t want to be losing that kind of traction do you?
Creating videos is more than just about the content. It requires a well-planned structure, concept, direction and most importantly an effective call to action. If you have amazing content to throw out, but don’t portray it in an effective way, then you will not be able to reap the benefits.
At Minas Digital, we give you the low down on everything that takes to create amazing action-inducing videos for your business. We also work with you to help craft out the perfect pitches, including the presentation to create share-able video content that can possibly sky-rocket your customer-base, traffic and in turn your sales figures.
Not just that, we also provide on-time technological support for all your needs even after the implementation of your strategy.

Technology Driven

Online advertising

Being a rather conventional method of marketing, advertising may seem to be comparatively easier to master. But the truth is, the competition is all the more fierce in the online business world. You can no longer afford the good quality ads that you’ve been creating for the past 2 years. You’re going to need extra high quality content!
Hence, it is very important to utilise very specific platforms, timings, durations and not to mention, eye-catching content for your ads. In no time, you can reach that CTR rate that you’ve been hoping to achieve since probably the last quarter of 2016.
Minas Digital will help you achieve that and much more. Having worked in the online advertising space for the past few years, we have seen the trends, the paradigm shifts and the customer response statistics. We have helped businesses find their right audience, craft the right pitch and make an impact with their products and services.

Website Creation Maintenance

Influencer marketing

When it comes to purchase decisions, the average customer largely relies on customer reviews and reviews from their peers. In other words, the people they trust.
Hearing something positive about a product or service from a person they trust and find genuine, increases their chances of purchasing the product or service by a good margin. This is why influencer marketing is the next big thing in marketing as a whole.
Connecting with popular and credible influencers in your industry, proposing mutually beneficial deals, implementing them and monitoring the different aspects of the collaboration, is not an easy thing to do. That is why you’ll need to lay some groundwork before taking the leap.
At Minas Digital, we not only help you find the most profitable collaborations for your business, but also equip you with the skills of crafting a winning proposal and provide you the resources to measure the results.

Technology Driven

Progressive web apps

In order to make an impact in the digital world, you must first create a solid online presence. That would ensure your survival. But as is the case with any kind of competitive atmosphere, merely drawing out a website with your brand name and some content would not suffice, simply because of the fact that all your competitors would also have those things. The trick is to get people to notice your website and ultimately turn them in to a customer of your company.
How can you get people you don’t even know exist, to enter your website?
That’s exactly what the Minas Digital team will help you achieve. With the help of accurate analytics tools, we can help you reach a wider audience by creating top notch progressive web apps that integrate the best of both worlds; the web and mobile.

Website Creation Maintenance

Branding and identity

Did you know that almost 77% of customers make their purchase decisions based on a brand name?
That’s just how important branding and identity is. And a brand name is only a small part of it. There are many other aspects of branding that help form a lasting impression and identity in the minds of customers. In fact, almost every aspect of your business including the tone of voice in your content, the kind of font you use in your content and even the methods of promotion you use, speaks to your audience in ways you probably never thought about. For all these reasons, branding is one thing that you simply cannot afford to slack investment in.
Having helped many business leaders generate impactful identities and brand values in their respective industries leading to multiple benefits, Minas Digital can help you create one of your own and become a brand that people can relate to, no matter what. Considering the human mind that registers extra good experiences, the Minas Digital team can help you learn how to make that lasting impression.

Exclusive Features

Lead Generation

Facebook Campaigns

Video Advertising

Google Advertising

Search Engine Optimization

Responsive Website Design

Minas Digital has achieved for Clients



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Improvement in Website Conversions



increase in Website Traffic


growth in Conversions


Improvement in Brand Visibility

Minas Digital is one of the leading digital marketing agency in Chennai. At Minas Digital, our team is focussed on generating great ideas that leave a huge brand impact. The team understands the brand problems, and come up with strategic, and result-driven solutions that help these small and medium-size business to achieve growth. We have a team of creative heads, copywriters, analysts, that constantly help us by providing us with the latest digital marketing trends.

We are an innovative and qualified digital marketing agency that specializes in SEO, Social Media,Website Designing and Content Management. Be it improving website ranking, or earning greater conversions, we at Minas look at optimizing results. We are a solution-driven agency that believes in reducing the problems and improving the performance of the brand.

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