The primary goal of doing SEO is to take place on the top ranking on the first page of search engines. Once you make it to the top, your page will get more traffic, and that will help you to grab the attention of customers. After all your efforts, if it happens that you don’t score high on organic search rankings. Your life won’t end there. Different ways can make your business grow with your perfect SEO strategies. To improve your search results, you can follow the best SEO trends in 2018. Read on to know more-

1. Fight Ad Blockers by Optimizing Organic Search Rankings

When you download an app or visit a page, Google keeps an eye on your search history. Also, the pop-up ads make it very disturbing while you search for something important. According to research, it has been proved that by 2018, around 30% of the internet users will start using ad blockers. With these, you can block ads while customizing social media news. Here are the useful tips on optimizing organic search rankings-
• Plan an SEO strategy for multi-channel
• Make extensive keyword research and find out the most effective keywords that support every channel.
• Optimize contents for searcher’s intent.
• Come with the most popular keyword links and top quality contents.
• Track your data and analyze them.
• Keep your audience engaged to your social media posts.
• Consult a professional web designer who can provide a responsive web design.

2. Take the Advantage of Mobile Technology

From this year, the algorithm will use the mobile technology to check the content of a page and give it the ranking. To get the access to it, you need to make sure that you have mobile web browsers while doing the SEO. Along with this, IoT or Internet of Things will be improvised from this year. Customers are using a network of internet-enabled devices in their cars and homes. Therefore, you need to ensure that your contents can be accessible for the virtual assistants, like Amazon Alexa. Today, you need to follow the content marketing, not only for your desktop and mobile but also for smartphones, laptops, tablets and even for smartwatches. How to increase organic reach for IoT and mobile? Here are the steps-
• Link building is the first criteria.
• Bring out the vital information.
• Add keywords and use them in meta descriptions.
• Use more and more multimedia, like photos, videos, and audios to boost your contents so that it becomes more engaging.
• Utilize a mobile-friendly test.
• Go for conversational materials as they are more captivating than the usual ones and make sure these contents are compatible with any devices.
• You can use campaign tracking links, as they help to analyze engagement and also monitor the clicks on your content.

3. Make a trustworthy name for yourself

Data security is one of the chief priorities of social media platforms and search engines. Therefore, the new rules are being made by them. Twitter has introduced new anti-spam regulations for data security this year. Therefore, if there is any duplicate content, that will be restricted on Twitter. The main aim of the search engines is to provide the searchers with the most relevant, high-quality, valuable, and relevant content. How to build trust online?

• Never create misleading materials. Instead, you should go for informative and well-written contents.
• Tell your consumers about the authentic story of your company to engage them.
• Make sure your contents are capable of meeting your audience’s quest.
• Continue sending a press release that will promote the story of your company, build trust and engage your consumers.

4. Keep up with Latest Updates

Any search engines, including Google, always favor quality more than quantity. No matter if you work on your desktop, laptop or mobile or it is your voice assistance, the search can be fast and convenient. If you want to meet the latest requirements of search engines, follow the following points-
• You should encrypt your website with https.
• Your URLs should be reliable and authoritative and use more extended keywords for that.
• Be natural while writing powerful contents.
• Use Google Analytics to stay active.
• You should create your materials in a way so that they support voice-activated services.
• Be attentive towards the format.
• There must be a call-to-action section in all web pages.

So, here you get about the latest SEO trends to ensure your place on the top of the pages of search engines. Appearing on the top is not the only thing, but you have to be consistent in holding your place over there. Therefore, you should be updated and provide more informative contents on a regular basis.